Roswell 47

Roswell 47 – I made this painting as a commemoration of the Roswell incident – this year marks the 70th anniversary of the allegedly crashed UFO. I wonder what happened to the little aliens? Are they still being kept in jars in Area 51? We can only speculate…



ENEMY ABOVE: Zorg character concept

Zorg isĀ  the Supreme Being on board. As an Overmind, he uses telekinesis to establish the travel vectors for the UFO and telepathy to communicate with the other aliens or any organic life form. He is a figure of undisputed authority and everything on the ship is subjected to him.



ENEMY ABOVE: Officers & Crew character concepts

The Spectrons are the alien officers running the ship. They are giving orders to the lesser Spectroids.


The Spectroids are the run-of-the mill alien crew. They do the menial stuff on the ship, like maintenance, system analysis and all the little things that is required for an UFO to work. They receive their orders from the Spectrons.