ACHERON – I painted the master of the river of pain in Greek mythology

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What do you do on a perfect autumn Saturday? You paint cyborgs and skulls, because that’s what you like to do! This one took me around 3 hours, but the easiest and quickest part was putting color and lights on it. I included the process images for a comparison of my workflow.


Quick enviros 29.07.13

Some quick enviros before lunch


Color studies

Quick warm-up color studies – trying to get into a bit more atmospheric painting style…Image

Piata Victoriei – invasion sketches

I always liked sci fi movies where big aliens invade Terran cities. The view from my office is pretty generous with the scenery, so I imagined some huge robots taking over.

These are speed paintings – 10-15min each, so everything is very rough. I’ll do some elaborate paintings in the future. Njoy!


Elephant studies

Some elephant studies I did today, for practice.Image

Pauza s-a cam terminat

Am stat ceva timp intr-un soi de pauza. N-am mai schitat nimic. Pur si simplu am facut tot ce am avut chef – d-alea care aparent iti mananca timpul si nu iti dau ceva constructiv inapoi – shogun 2, chitara, plimbari pe te miri unde samd. Pana la urma mi-a revenit cheful de desen si am zis sa ii dau din nou bice…


Dolly a fost facuta cu un sfert de creion B si o carioca neagra cu varful rupt in doua.


Lusi are o poveste mai trista. A fost realizata ca un experiment pe hartie A3 cu tempera, acrilice si markere. Din pacate experimentele au iesit prost si Lusi a plecat la cosul de gunoi. Totusi a mai ramas in amintirea ei o poza pe care i-am facut-o cand inca arata … recognoscibil. Tuseele finale le-am dat in Photoshop. RIP Lusi.


The secret lines of Luna. 5 in a row and counting.

Luna - mixed media on A3 paper

Color Red

Apatika - Mixed media on A3

Another one in the “lady” series. I’m using acrylics, liners and pastels. Feel free to fuck the riot police once more.

Vanitas WIP – part deux

…and almost done! I’ve decided to post stages of my work because I know people like to see how things evolve. I think I nailed it with the colors of the main elements, but next time I’ll start from the background up, because I find it harder to keep the contour lines untouched while I fill in the background color.

Step 1: Blocking the volumes and giving the overall shading



Step 2: More blocking in…



Step 3: Adding the color



Step 4: More color…From now on it’s basically reinforcing every layer I’ve already put on the canvas.



Step 5: Making the first approach for the background color.



Step 6:  I add more depth to the shading



Step 7:  I reinforce the lines and make the skull pop



Step 8:  I lay down a couple of background layer and fix the girl’s hair, in addition to adding more detail on the man. I’m close to finish now!


My next post will be about the finished piece and … I’ll probably do it this weekend. Or at least that’s the plan. Cheers to you!