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Sketch for fun, sci fi squid concept art. I might continue this in the future.

squiddyvar 3squiddy_sketch

Maggot Brain

Slime, insects, maggots and human DNA. Bon appetit.


Studies 1-7 feb 2016

Not so many this week.

poltergeistincredibles copystudiu_lum dirstudiu_lum dir2studiu_lum dir3masini zapadaculoaretut

Some studies 25-31 jan 2016

I want to share with you one of my process of starting a painting. I could apply it to any subject matter. You need to analyze your subject and dissect it into basic elements: value, composition, light, color and texture. Starting with a value structure is always a good idea.


Some more 10-20 min studies using this approach below:

castel3_b copy2 copy3 copyvaci

And finally some light studies:

diff_lightdir_light1 copy2_fin copy


Memento Mori – 1st post of 2016

My first illustration of 2016 is about death. No matter how much wealth you acquire, you still die. No matter how much technology you buy, it will only extend your life so much. No matter how many doctors you bribe to cheat the organ donor waiting lists, you will still die a miserable death. No matter how much you steal, you’ll still rot. Death all the way baby, let there be death!!!



Quake 2 Tribute

One of my favorite games was Quake 2. I was lucky enough to play it when it was released in 98 and I was blown away by everything it had to offer. At that time, it was a revolutionary leap forward in terms of 3D graphics and overall game experience. I loved everything about it, from the soundtrack to the tension of each encounter with the enemy. Speaking of the enemy – an alien race named Strogg – I think I was most afraid of the Gunner, a creepy 2,5 m tall beast whit minigun and grenades and the Berserker, a savage melee brute who would run and stab you with his spike arm. Man, what memories! So, after 7000 years of nostalgia, I decided to make this illustration as a tribute to Quake 2.


Nightsketch – thursday