The White Sorceress

This illustration was done to demo a pipeline of 3d to 2d. This pipeline started out in film and game studios during the concept art phase. The 2d artists would use lowpoly, crude 3d items and paint over them to flesh out details, colors and materials or do a light pass on a scene before the level artists and the lighting artists would actually implement it in the engine. But lately, technology has evolved and it no longer takes a lot of knowledge to use 3d for presenting ideas, light them and texture them. Marmoset 3, Unreal, Unity and even Blender Game give you the option to build up a scene, add materials to models and light it realistically for an impressive presentation. I use this pipeline to do illustration. If the idea is solid enough, then you can cut down a lot of time in the painting of details phase.



So let’s break it down.

  1.  The Ideea: a white, good sorceress during the money shot. She has a bird companion which she summons; it represents her warrior spirit and her “extended fist”. The girl is the embodiment of good, but a strong, independent woman, capable of fighting strong opposition. The shot needs to look empowering, powerful, memorable (and other seo-friendly industry-standard pop-culture sticky terms). That makes it “sellable”. Very important.1_referinte.jpg
  2. Costume design: somewhere between the classic Valkyries and your generic – run*of*the*mill – rpg sorceress class lies our design. Catchy, sexy – bling – bling yet simple and sugestive.2_schite_costum
  3. The scene setup: a rough sketch of how the characters are set up, what they do, what relation is between them and a hint of the environment. Oh, about the environment –  it’s set to support the presentation of our 2 subjects. Anything that can empower the idea that the sorceress is clean, noble, “urban”&”high value” if you like. I could’ve placed her in a cave but…not the same effect!3_primul_draft
  4. 3d Block-in: I use Blender (it’s free) to set up my scene with the architectural elements, posed characters and most importantly – the lights. Blender Engine is like a Dacia 1300 car (also known as Renault 12): it’s awful at first drive, but after 2000 km you start to appreciate its simpleness and easiness to fix problems. And in general it gets you there even if you choose to drive through Boulderland.4_blockin3d.jpg

5 and onwards to the final image: this is the simple process of painting, overpainting, repainting, suprapainting and postpainting. You know, like in the good old days.




Gate concept

A simple, basic sci fi gate design.


Character concepts for futuristic Gladiators

Design explorations for futuristic gladiators.

GG_char_finalgg_basicmodelturnaround  gg_char2 gg_char3 gg_chardesignsgg_char1

Enemy Above – prop concepts part 1

I’ve been doing some work for a personal project, named Enemy Above. It’s a game where the main character is abducted by a race of hostile aliens with the purpose of genetic manipulation and medical experimentation. The  protagonist escapes and begins a guerrilla fight-for-survival  on the alien ship.

These are some props concepts – the experimentation tables used by the aliens. I’ll post more stuff soon!

Neuro convertorGreen dissectorIon Eviscerator

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – great marketing clip!

I just found this on Youtube:

It’s a very good example of game marketing. The guys did a montage of Adam’s combat moves so well and directed that looks like a genuine movie. Note that this is done entirely with the game’s engine: the location, animations, dialogues and characters are in-game material. This is pure marketing. And now let’s talk about why this is so awesome. First of all, Adam never flips coins in this game, that animation is actually for a weapon attached to his body that throws exploding devices. Second, it’s quite hard to have so many different combat animations in a row. So I guess they did a lot of game reloads to build this scenes. Third – they really twisted the feel of that place to simulate a very groovy night club atmosphere. In reality (I mean…in the game reality) when you get there, it’s got nowhere the energy of a nightclub and the atmosphere is dull and boring. A bunch of dudes standing around, another bunch sitting on sofas, relaxing, and the music is chilled and liniar and it never changes to other tracks. Sometimes a chick starts some random twisting that’s supposed to resemble a dance…the point is the illusion is not really achieved.  Plus, there aren’t exactly as many people as you would expect to see in a nightclub. Here’s what i mean:

All in all, with the added effects, music and direction, the result is pretty awesome!

Nine out of ten!