Roswell 47

Roswell 47 – I made this painting as a commemoration of the Roswell incident – this year marks the 70th anniversary of the allegedly crashed UFO. I wonder what happened to the little aliens? Are they still being kept in jars in Area 51? We can only speculate…



GATE 7 – speed 3d scene

This was done in around 5-7 hours as an exercise of speed modeling in Blender. The idea was to create a little scene that could serve as a set where I could place cameras and take shots at varying angles and focal points. In the end I used the Blender Game mode to add crude light and mood. I didn’t use anything but default materials except for some of the neons and LEDs (where i just set a color and a >0 value for emit) and some fog. That’s it, the idea was to achieve a 3d base for overpainting with the most basic of tools in a short time. As for the mannequins that populate the scene I chose not to go with DAZ because they would take too much to pose, export, import, place, correct issues, re-pose, re-import, rinse and repeat. Therefore I made those bulky mannequins that i could twist on the spot.

I am definetly going to streamline my 3d piepline for 2d illustration, the advantages are great in a concept art environment.



















Here are some shots I took while trying to light the scene. I had in mind a Mars base / medium distress type of mood. In the end I went all Alien 3 on it 🙂










Paranoia in the Alien Jungle

I’m all alone now. The others are gone. As if the jungle just swallowed them whole. There’s no response from the starship, either. There’s nothing for me here! What am I doing in this god forsaken corner of the Galaxy? Shhh! I heard something! Wait…what is that glowing thing…is it…No, can’t be. But still…wait…is that… IS THAT A… …f..zzz….^@#4rr*& -signal lost-

jungleboy copy.jpg

Weekend sketch

Meet Jonie, the space marine. He’s green. 4.jpg

Sci 5ve: design explorations

At the end of 2013 I did some style explorations for a Sci Fi game. The specifications were pretty loose, basically to provide ideas for detailing alien rooms and corridors, referencing games like XCOM: EU, Halo and Mass Effect. I came up with a design language for the alien aesthetic using a simple process of shape combinations. I wanted to imply a high degree of complexity and technological sophistication while maintaining a structural base clear enough to enforce the idea of solid materials. These design chunks have the quality of being versatile, once you have a handful of them you can create a lot of variations that have the same visual style but are different. I usually develop them in black&white, but for presentation sakes I put a color overlay.

Of course, this is just a starting point. I also use this process in correlation with solid shapes (silhouettes) for props or sometimes even characters & creatures; I found out that this usually works well enough with anything that jumps from the “reality sphere” into imaginary, regardless the setting and subject matter.abe 4abe3abe1abe2

Practice work Alien Amazon

Practicing coloring techniques via blending modes from a valued drawing. In Phothoshop. Using a Wacom. Bamboo…still.

studiu extraterestra


Piata Victoriei – invasion sketches

I always liked sci fi movies where big aliens invade Terran cities. The view from my office is pretty generous with the scenery, so I imagined some huge robots taking over.

These are speed paintings – 10-15min each, so everything is very rough. I’ll do some elaborate paintings in the future. Njoy!