Wizard of the red swamp

Another sketch. sketch_wizard_web.jpg

28 martie 2017

You can achieve a lot of moods with very simple color filters.


Updates, art dump, stuff part 2

These are some (very unpolished) concept pieces that i have been putting together in my spare time, trying to flesh out a story. A lot of them are shot explorations and 3d paintovers. Most of the models are from 3d warehouse. Credit goes to the people who made them. This Project is still ongoing.

lansareWFDSRe.jpgscenma2qed.jpg1102tr_02+2011_ford_f150_engines+v8_dohc_engine copy.jpgscensopt.jpgmarsscena21colsrr.jpgexca2robot-minier-c1robot minier copy.jpgprevizlaborator-stiintific_bmiercuri4lucienspacesuit


Updates, art dump and stuff part 1

So I’ve been occupied with work and had little time for personal projects. I did, however, start using Zbrush more and more in my workflow. This is an art-dump of what i did the past few weeks. Nothing is polished, these are design explorations, wips, fast sketches etc.

I am still exploring the software. Zbrush is not the most user friendly 3d app outthere…but i thin we will find a way to overcome our differences!




Neuromancer II

First post for 2017! Let there be many more like this one!


And now… the process!

  1. I wanted to expand the concept from my previous piece: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BOKr6 So i started off with that sketch and expanded it.neuromancer_wip1
  2. Here I needed to see a color mockup. Easily done by working with adjustment layers.


3. I knew i wanted to have more detail. The idea of this character was to be a Shakespearean self questioning robot, made up from various mechanical pieces and organic matter. To represent the essence of flesh and machine brought together rather forcefully.neuromancer_wip3

4.The character was supposed to hold a human skull in his hand. But the painting was not very clear. So i went in Blender and made a 3d model that I later integrated in the final painting.3d

Paranoia in the Alien Jungle

I’m all alone now. The others are gone. As if the jungle just swallowed them whole. There’s no response from the starship, either. There’s nothing for me here! What am I doing in this god forsaken corner of the Galaxy? Shhh! I heard something! Wait…what is that glowing thing…is it…No, can’t be. But still…wait…is that… IS THAT A… …f..zzz….^@#4rr*& -signal lost-

jungleboy copy.jpg

B-G0N3 the Lunar Android

Daily sketch no2.

Keep them coming, ice cream man.

What if we sent androids on the Moon to build a colony? They don’t die, they are autonomous, they can be controlled from far away and they don’t vote!

OFF-WORLD_Mars Security force copy.jpg


Daily sketch no1.

Yeah right. As if I’m gonna stick to this schedule. This might be the 3rd time i start something like this and trust me, it usually ends abruptly! I’m more like Usain Bolt when it comes to this type of challenges…I run short and finish quick.


Anyway, here’s a shaman. He had rotten fish for lunch.


Studies and compositions

I worked with the following rules:

  • 5-8 minutes per b&w sketch
  • 3 values at the start, extended to 6-8 after composition looked good
  • applied colors with color filters, corrections with masks
  • star wars