Paco Monaco aka Mucho Muchacho

A new character that I’m developing. Inspired by Norman Spinrad’s book Little Heroes. The main character is Paco Monaco (or Mucho Muchacho, how he likes to call himself). He’s a Latino street punk who wants to make a name for himself regardless of the costs. Very good book if you’re a fan of cyberpunk, heavy metal and quality writing.

punk characters



Some Saturday night concepts… a suit for a girl living in a space station. It’s an interesting concept, so I’m still exploriImageng it.

Sci Fi armor sketches

Hey guys, I’ve been really busy with work lately so I couldn’t do anything new, but I finally found some time to sketch something for a project that I’m working on. These are explorations of armors used by future police and military to quell masses and fight in urban warfare. I made several variants wich i will further explore. I don’t really have a deadline for this as I am doing it fro practice and I want to get some good results in the end. Updates soon!

WIP fantasy oxen…

A more refined concept for the creature here.

Speed painting

Hi there. I had a few moments today to paint, so I went for a little scene. Classic homecoming / arrival cliche, in a fantasy setting.

Bug concepts part 2 – Soldier Bug

Hey guys, here’s a WIP of my bug project. This creature is designed as a soldier for the colony. It’s not a specialized bug, it’s more like an all-purpose infantry unit. Will be finished soon!

FANTASY ROMAN ARMY Concept art marathon

The last weeks were pretty good in terms of work. I managed to sketch A LOT and I also found time to continue this stalled project.

So this is the first part of the sketches. This is an exercise. It’s not for a real project. I’m using as setting the High Roman Empire period (1st century AD). The soldier concepts represent the two sides: the Roman Empire and its enemies, the Barbarians (i didn’t go into much details regarding the different tribes at the moment). I’m using real names and ranks from the Roman Army but I alter the uniform and gear design significantly. AVE IMPERATOR! 🙂



These is just the firts batch. There are more to come, stay tuned.

Concept characters WIP

I started a personal project, thus totally eliminating sleep from my schedule :). It deals with imperial soldiers form the ancient times. Rome is the main inspiration but i plan to add fantasy elements in the future.

This is the first plate, with some soldier sketches.


From my Sketchbook

I decided to post some recent doodles from my sketchbook. Because of the job, there seems to be less and less time for my personal projects, but still…


Vanitas WIP – part deux

…and almost done! I’ve decided to post stages of my work because I know people like to see how things evolve. I think I nailed it with the colors of the main elements, but next time I’ll start from the background up, because I find it harder to keep the contour lines untouched while I fill in the background color.

Step 1: Blocking the volumes and giving the overall shading



Step 2: More blocking in…



Step 3: Adding the color



Step 4: More color…From now on it’s basically reinforcing every layer I’ve already put on the canvas.



Step 5: Making the first approach for the background color.



Step 6:  I add more depth to the shading



Step 7:  I reinforce the lines and make the skull pop



Step 8:  I lay down a couple of background layer and fix the girl’s hair, in addition to adding more detail on the man. I’m close to finish now!


My next post will be about the finished piece and … I’ll probably do it this weekend. Or at least that’s the plan. Cheers to you!