Some Saturday night concepts… a suit for a girl living in a space station. It’s an interesting concept, so I’m still exploriImageng it.


Klanul Shoka-Tzy – update –

The Shoka-Tzy Klan is a personal project that I started a while ago. It consists of 14 vector characters in Asian style. Today I finally finished all my characters. They’re a cute bunch actually! Each one has his own personality and skill. They’re organized in a medieval Japanese clan structure.

Seiko-San – He’s the master of the Klan. Old and wise, he rules his people with kindness and good heart.

Daijin Kanri – The Minister. He makes sure Seiko’s orders are fulfilled and manages everything, except the soldiers.

Yoi Sento – The General. He is a bold, skilled and fearless warrior. He leads his troops with great pride and honor.

Suru-San – He oversees the Agriculture. The peasants are happy to let him guide them.

Chiro-shi – He is the Healer. He tends for the sick.

Majikku – The Shaman. When the Gods need to be addressed, he’s the man for the job.

Shokunin – She is the Master Artisan. She makes sure the Klan achieves high cultural boundaries through arts and crafts.

Kaji – The Blacksmith. No horse could ever ride without his horseshoes and no warrior could fight without his blades.

Senzo – The Painter. A true artist, he records the Klan’s history by painting it. He is also a very good karate-ka.

Kuji – is a farmer, alongside her spouse, Horu. They work the land so everybody can enjoy a crispy bread with a fine sake.

Horu – Kuji’s spuse. He works the land and enjoys a good sake at the end of a hard day’s work.

Yari – the Spear Warrior. He’s trained in the ancient martial art of Jiujitsu and defends the Klan. He also likes to play darts.

Sutakira – The Ninja Girl. She uses sharp stars to vanquish her foes. During break hours she relaxes with music and poetry.

Ashiro – The Flying Samurai. He is a Master of Karate and resents weapons, fighting only with his bare hands. He likes to meditate and levitate.