3d to 2d Sketch

Done as a pipeline test.

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Here it is – the motherload! Available in 3 color variants! Soon on your walls, on your iphones, on your tshirts and in your hearts!






Black and white composition sketches

Black and white composition sketches, done using some models from 3d warehouse. The scenes were built in 3d and then enhanced in Photoshop. Super useful sometimes!







I named this piece Locustus. It started as a relaxing sketch that was supposed to take around 2-3 hours. So nothing to polished or fancy, just a vehicle for me to play with color and mood. The shapes started in symmetry. But as I was painting I noticed that it had more potential if I add some movement and not just shapes. But man… i had to solve a lot of construction problems! And the decision of making arms holding ‘something’ proved to be … uninspired in the later stages of the painting because I couldn’t decide what the hell is this guy holding. I could have put more time in it but my policy of no-more-than-8-hours-per-daily-paintings slapped me out of that though

Here are some wip’s. See the progress!


Wizard of the red swamp

Another sketch. sketch_wizard_web.jpg

28 martie 2017

You can achieve a lot of moods with very simple color filters.


Updates, art dump, stuff part 2

These are some (very unpolished) concept pieces that i have been putting together in my spare time, trying to flesh out a story. A lot of them are shot explorations and 3d paintovers. Most of the models are from 3d warehouse. Credit goes to the people who made them. This Project is still ongoing.

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Updates, art dump and stuff part 1

So I’ve been occupied with work and had little time for personal projects. I did, however, start using Zbrush more and more in my workflow. This is an art-dump of what i did the past few weeks. Nothing is polished, these are design explorations, wips, fast sketches etc.

I am still exploring the software. Zbrush is not the most user friendly 3d app outthere…but i thin we will find a way to overcome our differences!