Hello everybody! This is the latest painting from my Teknoblivion series. I called it “Sarcophag” and main drive behind it was the anticipation of the new Mummy movie!

Or…as some called it – Mickey Mouse funeral mask 🙂

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Two more color variants are available! Stay tuned! The prints are coming soon!




Teknoblivion I – Blue Death

UPDATE: Now available in 6 color variants!

Hello guys and gals!

I am happy to present you my personal project – Teknoblivion! This is the name I gave to a series of paintings with a design language based on dark technology, cyberpunk, sci fi and occult art motives sugar coated with my own personal spin!

The game opener is called BLUEDEATH and it is an homage to the first episode of an old anime called Cyber City Oedo. Ah, the memories!

Stay tuned, guys, this is just the beginning! I will upload regularly and  I have a lot of surprises for you! Cheers!