Studies and compositions

I worked with the following rules:

  • 5-8 minutes per b&w sketch
  • 3 values at the start, extended to 6-8 after composition looked good
  • applied colors with color filters, corrections with masks
  • star wars



Compositing 123

The easiest, fastest and most effective approach: layering your materials and then using masks in photoshop (or whatever) to decide which area is what material. E-Z.workflow.jpg

Skoolio – render test

I’ve been doing some render tests lately, experimenting with keyshot. Bump maps, specs, 3 point lighting, textures etc etc. After I got some interesting renders I composited them in Photoshop. This is definetly something i’m going to milk in the future! Skulls rulz!!!

1 copy.jpg


Art dump march 2016

Sketches and quick studies that I do I as warm-ups (or cool-downs). They are like lost children.

searchingsd_sw_lukedabobasd_sw_lukedaboba _studiufgianluke_dagoba312100eyessdcscsweird

Some studies 25-31 jan 2016

I want to share with you one of my process of starting a painting. I could apply it to any subject matter. You need to analyze your subject and dissect it into basic elements: value, composition, light, color and texture. Starting with a value structure is always a good idea.


Some more 10-20 min studies using this approach below:

castel3_b copy2 copy3 copyvaci

And finally some light studies:

diff_lightdir_light1 copy2_fin copy


Some studies 18-24 january

Practicing ways to simplify the process of painting while conveying atmosphere.platouvader fettdstudiu1studiu2 copystudiu3 copy