GATE 7 – speed 3d scene

This was done in around 5-7 hours as an exercise of speed modeling in Blender. The idea was to create a little scene that could serve as a set where I could place cameras and take shots at varying angles and focal points. In the end I used the Blender Game mode to add crude light and mood. I didn’t use anything but default materials except for some of the neons and LEDs (where i just set a color and a >0 value for emit) and some fog. That’s it, the idea was to achieve a 3d base for overpainting with the most basic of tools in a short time. As for the mannequins that populate the scene I chose not to go with DAZ because they would take too much to pose, export, import, place, correct issues, re-pose, re-import, rinse and repeat. Therefore I made those bulky mannequins that i could twist on the spot.

I am definetly going to streamline my 3d piepline for 2d illustration, the advantages are great in a concept art environment.



















Here are some shots I took while trying to light the scene. I had in mind a Mars base / medium distress type of mood. In the end I went all Alien 3 on it 🙂










Teknoblivion I – Blue Death

UPDATE: Now available in 6 color variants!

Hello guys and gals!

I am happy to present you my personal project – Teknoblivion! This is the name I gave to a series of paintings with a design language based on dark technology, cyberpunk, sci fi and occult art motives sugar coated with my own personal spin!

The game opener is called BLUEDEATH and it is an homage to the first episode of an old anime called Cyber City Oedo. Ah, the memories!

Stay tuned, guys, this is just the beginning! I will upload regularly and  I have a lot of surprises for you! Cheers!






I did this painting in anticipation to Ghost in the Shell movie – i haven’t seen it yet, but i will as soon as possible!

I also threw in the process and the inspiration. I started with a figure in DAZ that I posed roughly in the position i needed. Secondly, I went into Blender to set up some basic lights and atmosphere. Then it was photo-bashing, color philters and overprinting to tie everything together.


And now the process! I took inspiration from this frame in the 1995 Ghost in the Shell movie.

2017-04-26 00_45_09-- Ghost in the Shell (1995) - VLC media player

Next…a lot of photobashing and overpainting over 3d models. The main ideea was to achieve a believable environment but also keep it half-dreamy as if you were there along with the android, asking yourself what is going on.



Neuromancer II

First post for 2017! Let there be many more like this one!


And now… the process!

  1. I wanted to expand the concept from my previous piece: So i started off with that sketch and expanded it.neuromancer_wip1
  2. Here I needed to see a color mockup. Easily done by working with adjustment layers.


3. I knew i wanted to have more detail. The idea of this character was to be a Shakespearean self questioning robot, made up from various mechanical pieces and organic matter. To represent the essence of flesh and machine brought together rather forcefully.neuromancer_wip3

4.The character was supposed to hold a human skull in his hand. But the painting was not very clear. So i went in Blender and made a 3d model that I later integrated in the final painting.3d

Studies and compositions

I worked with the following rules:

  • 5-8 minutes per b&w sketch
  • 3 values at the start, extended to 6-8 after composition looked good
  • applied colors with color filters, corrections with masks
  • star wars


Weekend sketch

Meet Jonie, the space marine. He’s green. 4.jpg

Compositing 123

The easiest, fastest and most effective approach: layering your materials and then using masks in photoshop (or whatever) to decide which area is what material. E-Z.workflow.jpg


A speedpainting I did using a rough 3d base. Spaceships, space station and typical sci fi stuff.



And here is a process log. I did a few color variations before settling on the greensih one. All in all around it took me under 3 hours, i think.



What do you do on a perfect autumn Saturday? You paint cyborgs and skulls, because that’s what you like to do! This one took me around 3 hours, but the easiest and quickest part was putting color and lights on it. I included the process images for a comparison of my workflow.