ACHERON – I painted the master of the river of pain in Greek mythology

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Roswell 47

Roswell 47 – I made this painting as a commemoration of the Roswell incident – this year marks the 70th anniversary of the allegedly crashed UFO. I wonder what happened to the little aliens? Are they still being kept in jars in Area 51? We can only speculate…



This piece was a great fun to work on. I took a lot of  inspiration from the visual symbolism of the kabbala and alchemy to convey my artwork. Life and Death are naturally intertwined in an endless self-replicated dichotomy. So let’s fucking live as best as we can!

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Online Shop is Live!

Hey there!

My artwork is available on a multitude of mediums: print, canvas and tshirts! Check it out now!


I knew you Serene

Wow, finally, I get to post again! During my past weeks I’ve been busy with other stuff. This piece was actually started a few months back, ended up forgotten…and found again.

I got the inspiration watching an old documentary about the Moroccan history. The colors cam out pretty good and they work on various backgrounds. It can be used as a t shirt illustration, or used gadgets (tablets, smartphones etc.)



Do You Need Another Hero? Mad Max themed illustration

The holidays are over. I came back and… met an old friend: Mad Max. I really like this movie (actually all three of them) so I decided to make a little tribute. And here it is:

It also works well on a grey tshirt:


Tee Design no.2 – Order is Law I

Started a new t-shirt design series called “Order is Law”. Chek out the first!

Tee Design no.1 – Gremlin at Play!

My first t-shirt design done entirely to full technical specs . Specially for gaming geeks. Gremlin at play. No time to delay.