Deus Ex: Human Revolution – great marketing clip!

I just found this on Youtube:

It’s a very good example of game marketing. The guys did a montage of Adam’s combat moves so well and directed that looks like a genuine movie. Note that this is done entirely with the game’s engine: the location, animations, dialogues and characters are in-game material. This is pure marketing. And now let’s talk about why this is so awesome. First of all, Adam never flips coins in this game, that animation is actually for a weapon attached to his body that throws exploding devices. Second, it’s quite hard to have so many different combat animations in a row. So I guess they did a lot of game reloads to build this scenes. Third – they really twisted the feel of that place to simulate a very groovy night club atmosphere. In reality (I mean…in the game reality) when you get there, it’s got nowhere the energy of a nightclub and the atmosphere is dull and boring. A bunch of dudes standing around, another bunch sitting on sofas, relaxing, and the music is chilled and liniar and it never changes to other tracks. Sometimes a chick starts some random twisting that’s supposed to resemble a dance…the point is the illusion is not really achieved.  Plus, there aren’t exactly as many people as you would expect to see in a nightclub. Here’s what i mean:

All in all, with the added effects, music and direction, the result is pretty awesome!

Nine out of ten!



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Anti Sistem

Anti Sistem

Fuck the riot police

I’m with those beaten and abused by the police during the 13 – 20 january 2012 riots. Fuck the slave army who calls itself Jandarmeria Romana!!!