Skoolio – render test

I’ve been doing some render tests lately, experimenting with keyshot. Bump maps, specs, 3 point lighting, textures etc etc. After I got some interesting renders I composited them in Photoshop. This is definetly something i’m going to milk in the future! Skulls rulz!!!



I made this painting thinking how much technology is part of our lives. This is a darker side of my introspection. Human race has evolved from nothing to being it’s own god. We’ve understood the laws of nature and we managed to develop technology and use it as a means to ease life, but also to control and destroy life. In the end, if we are not careful, we might end up consumed by this very same technology. Thus, the Dawn of Gods.


Sancta Maligna

We are witnessing an era where the sacred is being corrupted. Moral values are being perverted on the altar of material gains. Churches are run not by believers, but by businessmen and fanatics. Religion doesn’t heal souls anymore, but it drives masses to the voting ballots or in terrorist attacks. Priests act as masters of their flocks and impersonate the Gods. There is a plague in our souls and we don’t know how to cure it. Death will spare no one. Worms are universal.

40×120 cm, print on canvas




Sketch for fun, sci fi squid concept art. I might continue this in the future.

squiddyvar 3squiddy_sketch

Littleones – Churchill

“We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the fields, we shall fight in the hills”…but not if you’re a legless cyborg with bloody biomechanical implants, you won’t! I got inspired by the Ghost in the Shell and decided to give it a little spin. Ok, maybe not that little: Churchill + The Terminator + Ghost in the Shell. And a lot of hoses!Churchil_clChurchill_bwchurchill_mindmap

The Littleones – Koubilay

This is what happens when you combine the relentlessness of the Mongols with the resilience of a rhinoceros and you pour some Dalai Lama wisdom on top! Yeah, I was a big fan of the Marco Polo series and I think one of the best characters in that show was Kublai Khan. This piece started a little different but after I had picked up the show I turned it into what you see now.

Koubilay_bg copyKoubilay_bw copymindmap

The Littleones – Theodore

This is my new personal project – Littleones. I started working on it in February 2016 after reading Lilith’s Brood by Octavia E. Butler. I wanted to mix certain decorative visual aesthetics with technological infusion but in a very personal interpretation. I wanted to stay out of clear stereotypes and instead steer towards a more ambiguous, free-to-interpret direction. It’s a character/creature design series and I used nature and bio-engineering as influences. So lots of organic + robotic stuff here. Theodore is a mix between a gorilla, a lion and a child’s mind on a artificial body enhanced with pneumatic muscle and titanium chassis…and a developing taste for bling bling.




Art dump march 2016

Sketches and quick studies that I do I as warm-ups (or cool-downs). They are like lost children.

searchingsd_sw_lukedabobasd_sw_lukedaboba _studiufgianluke_dagoba312100eyessdcscsweird

Maggot Brain

Slime, insects, maggots and human DNA. Bon appetit.


Nice Chianti

”A programmer once tried to format my subroutines. I served him his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti”
Garcon3000 defective unit – post ‘incident’ declarations