Armor 2065

This guy came out of nowhere, but I liked the idea of some sci-fi soldier body armor that has a lot of straps and plates. Something that might be used in the future.



Space station


Some recent work I did for the game Starpoint Gemini 2, from LGM Games. The concept was a remote space station. It was supposed to function as a self-relying entity, like a city in space with different districts. I chose to go with a circular design for two reasons: a) in order to produce gravity you need rotation b) I wanted to have the look of a calm, serene outpost, a place where ships can dock and their crews spend time between trading or fighting. As for the technical aspects, I started doing a 3d model because of the sheer scale of the station and the necessity to have various angles to see it. There is no up or down in space, so basically an object can ‘sit’ in any perspective. Below are some basic renders from the finished 3d model. In the end I chose one that showed the entirety of the station and did an overpaintig.



The Peacekeepers

Having a decently armed mechanized companion makes all the difference between victory and defeat in the urban wars of our not so distant future.